Custom joinery for your work-space, done right.

Your interior with our expertise to ensure your interior is built to last and adds to your brand value

Wood work and joinery
for any corporate environment

Your place of work, be it your office, your restaurant and even you building lobby is an extension of your brand. Quality of your joinery elements are the main component of your customers experience in your office as that is what they see – and you need to ensure that they see quality interiors that give them the confidence in your brand and its ability to delivery. At Mano Interiors™ we understand this and try to deliver to you a great interior which is built to last. Great quality furniture is not as much about the materials that you use but about how it has been built.

Mano Interiors wood works office furniture in Dubai UAE
Mano Interiors wood works fit out in Dubai UAE

Why use Mano Interiors™?

Mano Interiors custom wood works in Dubai UAE

Our team has years of experience in building great joinery. We understand (a) that custom joinery is built to last (b) that ease of use and maintenance is an important part of the delivery (c) it is important to be on budget and on time (d) and most importantly we have delivered great projects over the years.


We are first a joinery specialist. That’s what we do.


We are a manufacturer of custom joinery. Your design our expertise.


We produce some great innovative products that help customers achieve their goals. Do ask us about this.

Mano Interiors wood works fit out in Dubai UAE

Our process

Project information provided

Creation and submission of BOQ and estimate from drawings using materials specified by client/designer

Value Engineering, if required

Project Awarded

Creation and submission of project plan in conjunction with client

Creation and submission of detailed shop drawings for approval

Purchase of materials based on approval

Manufacture of items using modern machinery and techniques

Quality Check of items before delivery by fitting all items

Installation of items on site (if required)

Quality check of installation on site

Handover to client

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